Project Gallery

Below are some of the projects completed by Seattle Powder Coat. Send us a photo of your completed and installed project! We would love to add you to our Gallery.

Exterior and Marine Applications

Some powder coats are excellent corrosion barrier coatings, and some are not. Powder coats classified as decorative finishes, while smooth and glossy to the naked eye, can be porous on a microscopic scale and not the best corrosion barrier coating. In outdoor applications requiring a decorative finish, excellent corrosion resistance can be achieved by using a two-coat primer/top-coat finish, or even a three coat primer/top-coat/clear-coat finish. The ultimate in corrosion barrier coatings are powder coats classified as functional finishes, as they do not have the porosity inherent in decorative finishes.
This customer powder coated a repurposed a guardrail section to cover his trellis.
Ballard High School had us refinish their lacross goals in Ballard Beaver red!
Eagle Scout Bench (Ryan S)

Powder coated outdoor seating at Bulldog News

Decorative home railing, Beacon Hill, Seattle (Jeff C)
A beautiful highly ornamental modern guardrail for a Seattle restaurant.
Anchor Windlass
Tainter Gait
Chimney Cap (O. Shahine)
Cast Aluminum Chairs (Connie K)
Madison Memorial Union Chair
Patio Chair (Alison S)

Patio Set

Gate Restoration
"What a fantastic job you did on my project. It’s as if I have a deck railing made of solidified heavy cream. Gorgeous!!"

- Bob S

Kirkland Light Pillars

Large Commercial Applications

Our powdercoating facilities can handle large commercial and industrial applications, such as the projects below.
Lincoln High School:
Seattle Powder Coat was selected to coat the exterior panels for Lincoln High School in Seattle, Washington.
Sealaska Heritage: Walter Sobeleff Building
Seattle Powder Coat was selected to coat the panels for the Walter Sobeloff Building in Juneau, Alaska.
Coleman Stanford of Dawson Construction prepares bright red metal panels for installation onto the new Walter Soboleff Center on April 29.
Views on Fifth art installation (Olympia, WA)
Artist Joe Seymour
3 Salmon
2 Salmon600
4 salmon
5 salmon
7 Salmon
6 salmonv2

Automotive Applications

Powder coat is used in many automotive applications, and is often used in restoration projects.
Race car frames are frequently powder coated, this in a dark green with a metallic clear coat.
Wheel Restoration
After-market bumper
After-market bumpers, rock sliders, skid plates, and roll bars are commonly powder coated for weather rock chip durability. The accessory manufacturer’s sometimes offer inexpensive powder coating as an option, but the quality can be poor and parts can get damaged in shipping. Many bumper manufacturer’s and customers prefer to spend a bit more to have the parts coated locally and ensure that they get undamaged pieces with a high quality finish.

Bicycle Gallery

Bicycle frames have always been part of our business, since our Ballard location is along the Burke Gilman bicycle trail.
kazaryan mini bike2
kazaryan mini bike

Interior Applications

Powdercoating is an excellent coating for all sorts of interior applications. From appliances, pots and pans and machinery, powdercoating provides a decorative and protective coating.
This vintage juicer was given new life with a yellow powder coat.
On display at the Pike Place Market, this food cutting bandsaw was a fun project for a commercial customer.
Modern metal cabinet and drawer panels are occasionally coated as accent pieces.
Live Edge table legs
Refurbished School Desk (Diane S.)
National Museum of African American History and Culture, (3rd floor railings)
Rapier (E. Kay)
Keyboard Refurbished
Vinntage Phones (Ivory)
Steel Counter Top (Mike A.)
We don’t recommend powder coat for countertops that get regular use, because we’re generally worried about it getting scratched or damaged by harsh chemicals. That said we periodically do them for discriminating customers and they look great when new.

Sculptures and Artwork

Outdoor sculptures are frequently powder coated, but care must be taken in the design and construction to maximize corrosion resistance. Contact us if you have questions about this.

"Big Wet Dog" (Matt Babcock)

"Bathing Cat" (Matt Babcock)

"Cerebrus" (Matt Babcock)

"Between Darkness" (Bill Baber)
"Remember Me" (Bill Baber)
"Youth" (Bill Baber)
"The Limits of Well Being" (Bill Baber)
Green Sculpture (Jeff Whyman)
Blue Sculpture (Jeff Whyman)
Yellow Sculpture (Jeff Whyman)
Red Sculpture (Jeff Whyman)
Space Needle (Terry P)
"Olympia Sculpture" (Beliz Brother)

Matthew Dockrey art and close-up of art base
Holly Martz Hangers Exhibit

Los Gatos, California Entry Sign/Sculpture (Matt Babcock)