Introduction To Powder Coating

The powder coat process is a metal finishing process that can replace traditional wet painting when superior performance is required.  The powder coat process was pioneered in the 1950’s and has developed into a common and preferred process for the manufacturing industry and certain specialty groups (such as automotive, racing, and sporting goods).

Powdercoating Process

Powdercoating is a metal coating process superior to paint.  How is is done? What is going to happen to my parts?

Decorative vs Functional

We have experience with all types of powder coatings. What kind of coatings are out there?

Proper Pretreatment

Pretreatment is the process of preparing a surface to receive powder coat. What is involved in proper pretreatment?

Why Not Just Spray Paint?

Many characteristics of powder coat make it a superior alternative to wet spray paint. Powder coat is thicker, harder and adheres better than spray paint.